The charm of Massalubrense is its history and its traditions, its roots that are lost in myth and that make it famous around the world as the Sirens’ Land.

The particularly favorable position, lying on the extreme promontory of the peninsula that juts out towards Capri, exactly in the middle of the two coasts of Amalfi and Sorrento, makes it the ideal center for a holiday to discover all the places and all aspects of this area full of attractions.


Just few minutes from Massa Lubrense, the famous tourist resort offers a variety of attractions. On the one hand the nightlife of the local music events, many initiatives dedicated to entertainment; on the other hand a cultural heritage of all respect, a long history of art and craft, which finds its highest expression in inlay Sorrento. And then the alleys and shopping streets, full of colors, smells and sounds that are the true manifestation of the spirit of this cheerful and friendly people.


The Amalfi coast is dotted with places that are real gems of beauty and culture. Positano, with its white houses cascading over rocks, the deep blue sea and sky and the brilliant colors of the tiled dome that is visible from every corner; Ravello, so beloved by Wagner, with the beautiful gardens of Villa Ruffolo and the Belvedere of Villa Cimbrone; Amalfi, an ancient and noble Maritime Republic, which houses one of the most beautiful jewels of Italian architecture, the famous Cloister of Paradise.


To thirty kilometers from Massa Lubrense it is one of the most famous archaeological sites and most visited in the world. Only in Pompeii you can have the experience of walking through the streets of a city of two thousand years ago, between houses and shops, villas and temples. You can visit the forum and the market place, you can imagine the steam of the baths and the shouting of the games in the amphitheater. It is not so difficult to imagine life teeming in the streets of the town dominated by Mount Vesuvius, and even those who are not expert in archeology, here can smell the history.


Ancient capital of southern Italy, Naples has in its urban fabric the many layers of its long history. Great center of culture and artistic experimentation, it presents a striking blend of ancient and modern, in the palaces and churches, but also in the soul of its people, that to a highly contemporary spirit combine love and respect for their roots .


For those who love trekking, 100 km of trails through the whole territory, open your eyes to views always different and always fascinating. One of the most striking is the path of Athena, which from Termini leads to the promontory of Minerva, which separates the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. The goal is the tower of Punta Campanella, which stands on the foundation of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Athena, whose ruins are still visible. From here Capri looks really handy.