The respect for the tradition is combined with the passion and the experimentation of the most contemporary trends to create a contamination of knowledge and flavors that gives a really unique taste experience.



Today the tradition is renewed, but always in the wake of the food and wine culture of the Sorrento Coast, one of the most beautiful in Italy. The restaurant Francischiello welcomes guests in a family atmosphere, that smells of home, tradition, old kitchen, rich and generous dishes, warm and crisp bread.

Francischiello combines all these things with a passion and an experimentation of contemporary trends, with the attention to detail in the preparation and in the presentation of the dishes and a wide selection of wines with the most famous region’s labels.


Hot pepper

Imported into Europe by Columbus, he has been very lucky in southern Italy: it’s overlapped to the ancient horn luck because of its shapes , and it’s essential ingredient of many recipes of the Neapolitan cuisine.

Cherry tomatoes

The tomatoes, especially the variety of Vesuvius ‘piennolo’, should be kept "hanging" in a dry place away from the walls during the cold season. A wire hanging tomatoes never failed in our grandmothers’ houses.


The Oval Sorrento lemon, also called ‘Femminello’, is particularly fragrant and it has a lovely pale yellow color pulp. You can use everything : the leaves for smoking and cooking on the grill, the juice for creams and sauces or for the liqueur ‘limoncello’.


Among the typical products of Sorrento, the Walnut has a prominent place. Its presence in Campania is very ancient, even if some traces have been found charred in the gardens of Pompeii. In popular belief the nuts prune luck to the newlyweds and they get away the bad luck.


Fennel is dietary, because it contains very few calories, it is cleansing for the liver and the intestines, and it’s digestive: a bowl of raw fennel after meals helps to digest and to eliminate the feeling of heaviness, a shot of liquor fennel concludes every banquet in the right way.


In Naples we say "petrusìno 'ogne menesta", literally parsley in every soup. It refers to those who ‘care’ everything, but it says an indisputable truth: the parsley is good almost everywhere.


The olive tree is the king of the maquis Mediterranean. It's so important for men to be considered by the ancient a sacred plant. In ancient Greece, the person who damaged an olive tree was punished with the exile or the death. In the biblical tradition it is a symbol of salvation, prosperity and peace.



The Neapolitan cuisine and especially Sorrento’s cuisine is original and unique because it is made of the excellence of the territory that can’t be replicated elsewhere. The land made fertile by the Vesuvius, the sun and the air of the coast, the sea of Sorrento are the real creators of the raw materials that make this cuisine known and appreciated worldwide.The Restaurant Francischiello celebrates the classic gastronomy of Sorrento and Naples transforming the products of excellence in dishes with a unique flavor, telling the territory through its fragrances and its flavors and rediscovering the amazing history of people always devoted to eating well.


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